Quality in every single manufacturing phase

FIM-FAOS Industrie Meccaniche S.r.l., as part of its corporate strategy, considers the quality of the products and services offered as a priority and therefore it considers the importance to establish precised internal management rules aimed at satisfying customers, suppliers and employees.

In this context is to understand the decision of the management to adapt the management system to the requirements of the quality certification according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

FIM-FAOS Industrie Meccaniche S.r.l. is committed to implementing and maintaining efficient procedures to prevent the occurrence of the product and service defects. In particular, it aims to operate in a controlled and documented manner at every stage of the production process that has an impact on the quality of the product in accordance with the reference standards, and to bring this to the attention of customers and relevant interested parties with sufficient authority to review the company’s activities. Product quality and the ability to produce products that satisfy customers’ requirements, including in terms of efficiency and durability, are considered by the management as a key to achieving top positions in the market.

The quality management system is based on strategic objectives adopted by the management and shared by all the employees:

  • Maintain the respect on the environment, health, workplace safety, and industry regulations, as well as additional specific commitments made;

  • Participate directly in the development of the Quality System, in particular through annual measurable improvement objectives;

  • Evaluate and monitor the internal and external context of the organization;

  • Evaluate and monitor its business risks and opportunities according to its context and activities;

  • Increase and update the professionalism of employees and collaborators by ensuring their participation and making them aware of the impact their actions have on the quality of the products and services offered;

  • The staff is responsible for the practices related to the regulations that are the subject of the certification;

  • Monitor the correct application of the planned controls in order to progressively eliminate errors, inadequacies and inefficiencies;

  • Provide customers with products that satisfy the requirements, using the best available technologies and choosing materials that are certified in origin;

  • to provide customers with reliable and safe products;

  • to base relationships with customers and suppliers on the greatest possible cooperation;

  • to increase the efficiency of the company;

  • Guarantee a collaborative relationship with all the interested parties.

The Management of FIM-FAOS Industrie Meccaniche S.r.l. supports the company policy as formulated for the pursuit of the set objectives and continuous improvement, and actively promotes the dissemination and understanding of the motivations, reasons, assumptions, aspects and effects of its activities among all employees.

The awareness and the involvement of all employees regarding quality objectives is accomplished through meetings, communications, posters, and everything else considered appropriate and effective. Everyone involved is an active and indispensable part of the structure should feel that they are participating in the achievement of such goals and the continuous success of the company.

The company has appointed a Quality Management System Manager (QMS) within its staff, who will be able to use the company resources suitable for the pursuit of all the objectives above. In particular, the QMS is responsible for preparing and updating the quality system, reviewing and continuously improving its effectiveness, and reporting to management on the status of its implementation within the company.

The management of FIM-FAOS Industrie Meccaniche S.r.l. ensures that the quality policy:

  • is developed on the basis of company requirements

  • is conveyed, understood and implemented at all levels of the company;

  • is checked for its continuous adequacy;

  • is managed in a controlled manner.